Allo Piano 2.1 Sub Out Issue


As you may have read in another post I cannot get the Piano 2.1 single Sub output to work correctly. When I set the Piano to 2.1 (L+R+1xSub) and set the crossover to say 100hz I still get the full sound spectrum going to the Sub.

Is this an issue something Allo needs to solve, or is this issue in the Volumio software?

I’m hoping it’s a Volumio side because it appears Allo no longer support their products, doesn’t matter how many emails you send them or Posts you put on their Forum nothing happens.

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It may be worth your while to load up an SD card with Moode, or piCorePlayer, and see if your 2+1 setup works correctly there. If it does, then you know your problem is pretty much with Volumio…

Thank you for the reply.