After upgrade network share won't index

I’ve been running ver 2.224 semi stable for about 6 months now, but made the mistake of trying to update to 2.368. After the better part of an afternoon and reflashing my SD card twice, I’ve got it up and running on a pi and HifiBerry Dac+. Sort of.

  • The rest of my devices have been able to access the share with the same user/pass since before 2.224 without issue, and still have no problems
  • I finally managed to get the samba share to mount in Volumio 2.368 after creating a new user and setting write permissions
  • It’s browsable through terminal at /mnt/NAS/sharename
  • The webui shows it as mounted, and the right size
  • The update and rescan buttons both do nothing
  • The following error message shows up:

Database scan error: Error: Command failed: /usr/bin/mpc update
error: Connection refused

My linux knowledge is running out here, and so are my google abilities. The best I could find was a mention of a track limit for indexing in mpd, but nothing has changed as far as track quantity since the upgrade.