Adding Tidal Connect

It doesn’t tho. There are people like me who just want to use one app for streaming. I chose tidal and I like the interface. I don’t want bubble upnp, bubble
Upnp server, openhome renderer, m connect, Linn kazoo etc.


Happily pay for this so watching this with interest. Thanks for taking it on.

I also tried the other method mentioned here. Tried about 20 times. Builds libraries dependencies. Can’t be arsed. No support and flaky.

Yes agreed. I have a crappy £300 usb Dac and I see 16/44 on lots of tidal masters direct from the tidal app with its MQA first unfold. The tears for fears albums are higher.

Looking forward to support for Tidal Connect as well.

Sorry, we can’t let you sharing illegal stuf (tidal connect as you provide).
We remove your message and ask you to not post it again.
This the only warning. Please respect the rules or we’ll ban you.

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Good news. The TIDAL Connect integration in Volumio is completed and it works beautifully.

Before releasing it, we are required to have it certified by TIDAL. So, next Monday we will send a unit to TIDAL to have it certified.

We hope this last step goes quick so we can release it soon and enjoy it :wink:


I see you posted your image also elsewhere. Let me explain why it is harmful for Volumio and also for the platforms where you are posting it.

This release contains material owned by TIDAL, and leaked without authorization and out of the Terms that they set (its leaked material). By releasing it you are:

  • Releasing copyright software that you are not allowed to share. You might incur in legal consequences…
  • The same applies to the communities where you post it. They can be held responsible for hosting leaked third-party intellectual property.
  • You’re harming Volumio because we worked really hard to show to streaming providers and third-party that even an open-source ecosystem like ours can respect intellectual property and keep what has to stay protected, protected…
    This is how we got the necessary trust to receive SDK and authorization to integrate streaming services and integrations which make Volumio what it is today.

You can or cannot agree with it, but without all our hard work we managed to bring lots of integration and new features with services that we took years to convince.

By associating the name Volumio with leaked material you are exposing our project to possible bad consequences for current and future integrations.

Just a bit of patience and we will have TIDAL Connect in a way that respects intellectual property and is stable, tested, and done professionally… I would appreciate if you stopped sharing this image and remove it from where you posted it.


Amazeballs !!! :fire:

That’s some great news. Good work!

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

That is so great to hear!

Honestly, I really like Volumio, but the UI just doesn’t click with me. But once tidal connect works I will be a user forever. Is the lifetime subscription ever coming back?

Really looking forward to just using one app for all my music!

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quick question, is it based on jessie or buster

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We have it running on buster now. But (news of today) we are also doing a version for jessie, in order to speed up release (in case buster gets delayed for any reason)


thank you, that will make sure I can run Dsptoolkit without too much of an issue. Now just need to figure out how to get the display running on python 3

With the new alsa pipeline feature in Volumio 3.x (buster) which is coming, that would be very easy :wink:

Can’t wait for the release! Exciting!!

Thanks for understanding.

Just spent the afternoon listening to TIDAL via connect on my Primo… I admit it’s really a comfy feature…
Shipping on monday for certification :wink: Will keep you guys posted


who cares what you did to make it working illegally? Pity you did not get banned for it. As a longtime community member I have no respect for what you did and still keep bragging about it.

Good that you deleted the image(s), we would not expect anything else.
You said before ‘Got it’ but from what you write here you still think it is ok because others have done it as well.
I believe you’re missing the point, there is a big difference between doing something illegal within your own four walls for personal use and with publishing it.
Luckily you get away with it, would you have been in Germany, any lawyer could have thrown a legal case at you.

@volumio that’s awesome news! thanks for keeping us in the loop. i hope certification goes smoothly for you. i don’t know how the collaboration with miniDSP operates, but once you’re certified and ready for release, if there’s anything you can do to help this get delivered to the SHD series that would be greatly appreciated. thank you!

miniDSP is a customized version and not part of our community support, but from what I know this issue is currently being taken care of.