Added support of bluetooth remote G20BTS PRO to my Volumio on RPI4

have you tried to use a BT remote that comes with a dongle?

No. I have not tried that.
So frustrating as I have this working on one of my systems.
Any idea why I have to do a factory reset between attempts to discover the remote.
I can see it on first boot of a fresh build, try to connect, fails most of the time, then you never see it again in the scan unless you do a factory reset.
Thanks for your suggestion.

maybe something like this?

is that what you had in mind? or give up on BT and go for a “just boom” remote ? kinda pricey…

You need to look for a remote that have the buttons you need. For me all the BT remotes I have (with dongle) just works.


Hmmm. I found these on the canadian website. Looks the same as what you have suggested.
Is this BT? How would I pair it and would it work with triggerhappy?
If it does, I’ll order it. txs is one better than the other? I just want volume control really…

no need to pair, they do it automatically, hence the dongle.
unfortunately I have no experience using triggerhappy, as I coded the BT receive response myself.
But I see no reason why this would fail.

Ok, I’m going to switch technology, however I will keep trying the BT technology because that’s how one of my systems is running and I really like it.
So I like the Huafelix remote, so i will order that.
Also, I may need to depend on you to get it all working but in return I will do a write up of my “remote control” experience for the next person wanting this functionality.
BTW remote plus peppy meter is a dynamite configuration!

I got the usb remote and I am giving it a try. It seems to work out of the box but does not have the smothness that the Bluetooth remote had.
Anyways, I have basic functionality, txs. Now how do I program some of the keys? for example a mute key?
Not sure how to do that.
When I was playing with the bluetooth I used this command and it was quite useful. Is there an equivalent for this usb mouse.

You can see which code represent every key by running the following command:
sudo thd --dump /dev/input/event0

Thanks. Really appreciate the help.

these are the basic Volumio shell commands:

volumio@volumio-n2:~$ volumio

Usage : volumio <argument1> <argument2>


status                             Gives Playback status information
volume                             Gives Current Volume Information
volume <desired volume>            Sets Volume at desired level 0-100
volume mute                        Mutes
volume unmute                      Unmutes
volume toggle                      Mutes/Unmutes
volume plus                        Increases Volume of one step
volume minus                       Decreases Volume of one step
seek plus                          Forwards 10 seconds in the song
seek minus                         Backwards 10 seconds in the song
seek <seconds>                     Plays song from selected time
repeat                             Toggles repetition of queue
random                             Toggles randomization of queue


toggle                             Toggles between play/pause

Thanks I need an example for me to understand.
The remote does not have a mute button, so I would like to program another button on the remote that I do not use to act as a mute button. Maybe this is not possible…
How would I use the info you sent me above to accomplish this?

if you want button x to act as mute/unmute, you place the code below under the button event:
volumio volume toggle

I expect that works the same in happytrigger,

Thanks :pray:. I’ll play with it. In the mean time pause works. Thanks Wheaten! Btw, it’s trigger-happy :grinning: